Fits the Yeti! – Neat Lids’ 30 oz. Tumbler Lid.


I have a 30oz Yeti cup, and one of their competitors’ 30oz Stainless Steel tumblers too. I drink out of my Yeti 30oz all the time, and I do use a straw. It’s hard to find straws that will fit into these cups. The tops that come with them have a very small drink opening on them. I have been seeing these new tops advertised all over Facebook. So, I have been very intrigued by them. In other words, I was so thrilled to be given the chance to review one. It arrives in simple, mail order packaging, and in perfect condition. It fit both my Yeti tumbler and my copycat tumbler, perfectly. It is made out of BPA free, top quality, food grade plastic. The seal on the outer ring is great, and really keeps your lid in place. There is a top sliding “door” per say, on the top of the cup. It slides over, and cover up the hole perfectly. Your drink will still trickle out if tipped, but a splash from walking won’t make it out. That is a great perk if you take your morning drink with you, on your way to work. The O Ring Seal makes the vacuum seal well. Without this seal, your cup wouldn’t be able to keep your cold liquids cold, and your hot liquids stay hot, for as long as it does. I noticed no difference with this lid compared to the lid that comes with the cups. I like the drinking opening a lot, on this lid. When slid open, the drink opening, was made a little bit larger, to accommodate straws. It is hard to find a tall thin straw, so this lid makes it doable. I am loving this feature. If not using a straw, the sliding lid feature is very beneficial as well. Especially if you are hanging outside. You don’t have to worry about any bugs making your way into your drink, eeewwwww. It’s also really nice knowing your hot coffee won’t splash onto you while heading out the door. Overall, I really like this lid. I just wish that when the lid was skid shut, that no liquid would drip out if slightly tipped. I wouldn’t definitely still but this lid, for the straw feature alone.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: Neat Lids’ 30 oz. Tumbler Lid- Fits Yeti Rambler and Rtic Tumbler Stainless Steel.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

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