Cuddly and secure in Family First Enterprises 4 Position Baby Carrier with Waist Belt and Hood.


I have 3 precious children. I remember the days of struggling to carry the baby carrier, my purse and store bags, among other things. Having a solid baby carrier is really freeing. But if you are like me, I am extremely picky about what I let touch my babies. I’m a tad over protective, lol. I received Family First Enterprises 4 Position Baby Carrier with Waist Belt and Hood in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I am so glad it was sent to me. I really like this product. It will arrive sealed in a box, and it’s all one unit. There is nothing to assemble. There is also a nice illustrated pamphlet The instructions are laid out in steps with a coordinating photo. They are really easy to follow. I chose the brown and tan carrier. It also comes in blue and in pink. This carrier is rated for 8 – 29lbs. So you will be able to use it for a while. Now that I have been able to test this carrier, and just love it. I feel comfortable passing this down to a great family I know. They did not plan on having another child, since their only child is already a two time cancer survivor. But, they are happily expecting, and I can’t wait to share this with them.

This carrier is made quite well. The craftsmanship is definitely there. The stitching is tight, and the material is so soft, but sturdy. There are so many wonderful details in this carrier. I love that it can be worn both on the front of you and the back of you. When they are smaller, you obviously cradle them on the front of your body. They love to feel your body heat and hear your heartbeat. You can also carry them face out on your front after they can support their own head. When they start to grow, it’s easier to carry them on your back. And this way, they can see where they are going, instead of always trying to turn around. With the easy directions, it’s easy to get the hang of putting it on and adjusting it. The waist band is nice and wide for support, but very comfortable to wear. It Has an adjustable nylon webbing strap and closes with a large plastic buckle. All the straps are adjustable with nylon webbing and plastic buckles. These are very durable and reliable materials. They also clasp with smaller plastic buckles. There is both an open pocket and a pocket that closes by Velcro. These are quite common on most packs of all sizes and durability. The area where the baby gets to nestle and sit is nicely padded. They even show you how to do a nice sling position. It’s a hands free way to cradle your baby. I love that. The fabric is also breathable, which will definitely help your baby stay comfortable. The head rest is easily adjustable and removable It adjusts by Velcro. This seat will also help you nurse with a little privacy when held in the sling position. Although, you still could nurse in the upright position. I’ve done that in the past. And since your baby is nestled in the carrier, you won’t have to worry about reaching for a cloth, or something else you need from your diaper bag. This is definitely a sturdy, comfortable and highly convenient baby carrier. I am really impressed by it.

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