Bling and Beautify your home with Sunshower-Us’ 40mm Glass Furniture crystal cabinet knobs drawer Pulls.


I love these knobs. They are so pretty. I have always loved the old glass knobs from the past, so I am so happy to see glass knobs coming back in style. It adds some bling and sparkle into our lives. Everyone needs some sparkle too. These knobs arrived in perfect condition. They are individually wrapped inside their own box, inside of another box. The set of 10 screws will be in a separate little bag. You will get 10 knobs in this set. These are 40mm in diameter glass knobs. The metal base is 25mm in size. These are great for cabinet doors, and drawers. You can also use them to build your own hanging rack for jewelry, clothes, etc.. These are round knobs, and have so many facets cut in them. Mine arrived in perfect condition. They are sooooooooooo pretty! Because of their size, they are extremely easy to grasp and use. The light plays off of the facets in the glass and really makes them shine. The metal base was done in a silver tone, with a high polish chrome shine. The knobs are secured to the base securely. I do not have an issues with mine. The price point is low for 10 knobs like this. They are currently at $20.99 with free Prime shipping. That is a lot less than my local hardware store; almost by half. They are definitely worth ordering.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Sunshower-Us’ OTTFF dia 40mm Glass Furniture crystal cabinet knobs drawer Pulls, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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