Attack lizard, lol. – iLoonger’s DIY Lizard Plastic Infrared Self-Assembly.


This toy is soooooooo much fun, it really is. Building it was a slight challenge, but well worth the effort. It’s a great brain boosting experience, lol. This toy is rated ages 10 and up. If your child has great motor skills, then they might be able to build it, with some occasional guidance. Besides motor skills, patience is what is needed with an assembly that this one requires. The directions are overall pretty clear to follow. We did not build it all at once. We dedicated some quite evening time to the toy. I had one plastic piece bend on removal from the sheet. This made it slightly difficult to assemble it. Over the next couple of days, I slowly worked it, and was able to finally snap it into place correctly, so the build could continue. The main portion of a kit like this, is building the gears. This makes it a very educational toy. I was just fascinated by it. The directions are not completely correct though when it comes to one component. There is one piece that they want you to assemble, and state you may need a small hammer. Do not search for these pieces. It arrives already assembled for you. This assembly does require cutting off the small plastic ends off of the pieces that stay connected after unsnapping it from the sheet. All of the main pieces are plastic and attached to a plastic sheet. You need to look closely, and you will see a letter stamped on each sheet: A, B and C. Then each piece has a number associated with it; for example, B5. Just like in the game Battleship, lol. You will need to supply your own AAA batteries. This toy requires 4. I can’t believe how well the lizard works, and how fast this thing can go. It is quite entertaining. It is an infrared toy, and responds to your movements in front of its face.

This lizard has two modes. In the first mode this lizard runs around like a mad man. If something gets in its way. It flares its frill and tries to escape. They call it the escape mode. In the second mode, which is the approach mode, it will come to you, and when you place your hand or foot in front of it again, it spreads it frill at you and the eyes glow red. The eyes are green when it is approaching. We are all loving this toy. My 8-year-old is absolutely fascinated with this toy. It is so interactive, which makes it so fun. So even when the build is over, it keeps entertaining. There is a switch on the back of it to change the mode. This toy is very easy to operate after the build. This has definitely been an experience, and a product I feel comfortable recommending.

I was afforded the opportunity to review iLoonger’s DIY Lizard Plastic Infrared Self-Assembly Induction Sensor LED Educational Model Building Science Dragon Robot Toy, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives unassembled, as shown.

If you would like to purchase this awesome toy, it can be found here on Amazon:

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