Apply makeup with ease with Nanshy’s 4 in 1 Mint Green Beauty Blender Sponge.


Nanshy’s Marvel 4 in 1 Mint Green Beauty Blender is a little different from the rest. It’s not your regular 3 in 1. The packaging makes it look really special too. Inside the box, the sponge itself is also wrapped to maintain it’s cleanliness and integrity. I was sent this beauty sponge for the purpose of inspection and unbiased review. Nasty’s beauty sponge is latex free, odor free and hypoallergenic. These are qualities I look for in a product like this.
My daughter in law is a licensed aesthetician. I went over the sponge with her. Some key points to look for in a good beauty sponge is how it’s made of course. This sponge is dense, but oh so soft to the touch. It’s a great size to hold and manipulate. It’s height is 2.4″ and the width is 2″. It’s really easy to clean. Just hand wash it thoroughly with an antibacterial soap and ring out and let air dry. This sponge will last longer if you keep it clean. The pointy tip of the sponge is great for applying makeup directly to blemishes, and to get into tight areas, like the crease of your nose and deep in by the eyes. I really like the flat on the sponge. My other beauty sponge doesn’t have this part. This is great for stippling your makeup around your eyes and nose. To me, that also includes the areas between your eyes and above. It’s really easy to hold onto the sponge because of the hourglass shape. The rounded bottom works really well for getting around the larger parts of your face. This is a great sponge for blending, highlighting and contouring. A good tool like this beauty sponge makes doing those things easier, especially if you’re a novice.
All makeup types work well with this sponge. I use all natural powder pigments, even for my eyeliner. The tip is great for cleaning up the areas right by your eye. You have to wet powdered pigment to use it as eyeliner. Since you pretty much paint it on, I occasionally have areas to fix, lol. This is the same for my blush. Natural pigment powdered blush goes on a little stronger in color than regular blush. A sponge like this helps you blend it in for a more natural look.
This a very well made, easy to use sponge. Or, more accurately, makes it easier to apply your makeup. I feel very comfortable in recommending this product.

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