An intoxicating scent and so much more. – Scential Health’s Key Lime Essential Oil.


This essential oil smells intoxicating. It truly smells like key lime. Can you say yummy! I am craving key lime pie now, lol. I am a huge user of essential oils. Both for myself and my family. I have severe life threatening allergies. The use of essential oils has greatly improved my health and my families. It is fantastic to get off of using so many chemically laden products. These oils are so much healthier and work way better too. I am thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Scential Health’s Key Lime Essential Oil in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This bottle of essential oil contains 15ml of 100% therapeutic Grade Key Lime oil. If you are not used to essential oils, let me just tell you 15ml is the normal size. It is very strong, and 1 drop can actually go a long way. That’s why in recipe’s you will see drop amounts given.
I did some research on Key Lime essential oil. I use lime essential oil all the time. It’s great in skin care products. Key lime essential oil, turns out to be no different. I make my own soaps and lotions. I will most definitely be adding this oil to my next batches. Key lime oil has beta-Pinene in it. This is a great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. This is always perfect in skin care products. You can add some to a little bottle of carrier oil and use it to wipe on your hands throughout the day. It is a strong oil, so it is recommended that a carrier oil be used.  This oil also contains gamma-terpinene . This is a component that has antioxidant, sedative and anti-cancer activity. limonene can build in fatty tissue and has been found in areas like breast tissue, etc.. It has been shown to help cancer prevention and play a role in therapy. Not a surprise since all meds discovered come from nature initially. This also contains Citral, another agent shown to have a muscle relaxant property and has shown to inhibit cancer cell growth.
This oil has such a great scent to it. It is fabulous in an essential oil diffuser. Very relaxing and soothing, like lavender.
You don’t have to make your own products to use this oil. Add some to your favorite lotions, shampoos and conditioners. You can add it to your liquid soaps too. There are so many ways you can use essential oils. The internet seems to have the key to everything nowadays. I am really enjoying my bottle of key lime essential oil. The scent is definitely intoxicating.

If you would like to purchase this oil, it can be found here on Amazon:

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