An incredible power station. – Ocean Technology’s UNITEK 10-Port(with 1 Port QC 2.0) USB Charger Charging Station for Multiple Device with SmartIC Tech.


If you have a family of electronics, you need this charging station. It is powerful, and oh so handy to have and use! There are a total of 10 USB ports on this charging station from Unitek, sold by Ocean Technologies. Each port can deliver a charge up to 2.4A, and 1 port is a QC 2.0A port. This is a 60W unit. This port has a different color inside of it, so easy to see. It is the port all the way on the right. All the ports offer a nice snug fit. The power cord comes in 2 pieces and attaches into the left side of this stand. This is the coolest stand too. It comes with 10 plastic dividers, that push into the grooves on top of the unit. You can set them up any way you want, or leave the off all together. With them on, you can stand your charging items between those dividers. I put several on, in a wider configuration, and was able to stand my power banks up between them, while charging them. I love how organized that is. It takes up so much less space this way as well. Since each port delivers so much power, you can actually charge a lot of items at one time. Most of my items require the larger amps, so this is perfect for me. I can charge phones, tablets, batteries, and power banks, all at one time. This is what they said about the QC port: “The 1 charging port with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, which allow certain Qualcomm Snapdragon based devices charge up to 75% faster than devices that use conventional charging methods.” I think that’s pretty impressive, myself. This unit is larger, but does not have a built in fan. Even so, it only gets a little warm to the touch while charging. It comes with a US plug, but can accept voltage worldwide: 100-240V input. So, if you do a lot of traveling, just bring a plug adapter with you, and you are good. This charging station is even energy efficient. It received the highest rating from the U.S. Department of Energy of DOE 6. I like knowing that. It’s a smart charger, and supplies what you need to your unit, as well as, it won’t over charge your item. That is an important feature as well. So far so good for me with this charger. It is performing perfectly, and I am loving it.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Ocean Technology’s UNITEK 10-Port(with 1 Port QC 2.0) USB Charger Charging Station for Multiple Device with SmartIC Tech, Organizer Stand, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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