An incredible organic product. – Herb Affair’s Organic Turmeric Root Powder.


My family and I are big users of all natural and organic products. They have been a life saver for me personally. They have also improved my family’s quality of life. I have life threatening allergies to numerous items. I have frequent anaphylactic reactions subsequently. Turmeric has been a daily supplement that has enabled my to get off all ibuprofen. I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Herb Affair’s Organic Turmeric Root Powder in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. You will get 1lb of this wonderful Turmeric in this resealable package.
This organic Turmeric powder has 3.5% Curcumin in it. The Curcumin is that main source of Turmeric powder that attributes to the health benefits associated with it. Turmeric has great anti-inflammatory properties to it. I know this first hand. I was living off multiple 800mg doses every day, for years. Since I added Turmeric to my daily regimen, along with two other supplements I had been taking, I have not taken any more ibuprofen. It has really been life changing for me. I have a mostly liquid diet, since my throat is always so swollen. It is so easy to add this to one of my smoothies. They say if you add some black pepper, it will help your body absorb more Curcumin. There is an incredible drink called “Magic Milk” or “Gold Milk”.  Obviously, the main ingredient is Turmeric powder, and preferably organic. This is the only way to ensure that no chemicals were used in processing. To make this milk, first you need to boil down into a honey like paste ¼-cup organic turmeric powder and 2 ½ cups water. Now you can store this in a glass, air tight container in the fridge. In can be stored for up to a month. To make yourself a glass of milk, use 1 cup of organic milk, 1tsp of olive oil, and a 1/4tsp of Turmeric paste. Put these in a pot and bring to a boil. After it cools you can drink it. They say you can add sugar to it, but that really defeats the purpose. Organic Raw honey is a very healthy sweetener. This is great to add to your nightly routine. And very healthy too. Turmeric is also know to have “antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidants, astringent, anti-allergic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, and digestive properties.”
It’s really quite amazing what you can find on this supplement. So many ailments and diseases are inflammatory related. Cutting down inflammation systemically, really improves overall health.
It’s also just plain tasty as an herb in your food recipes. It has been used for centuries in meals and medicines. It’s a great way to sneak something very healthy into your children’s diets, lol. And sometimes, even into your spouses food. It’s amazing how many adults hear the word healthy, and they automatically say, “Yuck”. There are so many yummy recipes you can find on the internet now that include Turmeric.
Herb Affair’s Organic Turmeric Powder is just wonderful. I am just so pleased that I have been able to use their product. It’s an organic product that I am proud to give myself and my family.

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