6/24 – Just trying to take my son for a hair cut….


Just because you have gone to the same place over and over without having an anaphylactic reaction, doesn’t mean one can’t happen the next time you venture there. I never take anything for granted. I am always as prepared as I can be.

Getting into the hair cutting place was without incidence, leaving was when the problem occurred. It was so odd too. As we were approaching the car, a wave of food odors hit me. I jumped in the car, but once you smell it, it’s too late if you’re allergic. This was a weird feeling one. They all feel different. The one on Father’s day felt like the left side of my throat was intensely numb, and unusable. That feeling lasted a long time too. This past one, though, Was tricky. It took a long time to open. I was questionable on a second epi-pen. Even with the amount I have, I still hesitate on the second epi-pen. No clue why.

I have to go back this week for my hair cut, so fingers crossed. As it is, I had a major bronchial attack trying to write this blog post tonight. I need a vacation from my body, lol.

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