4/4/2015 Another Anaphylactic Reaction


Me, my husband and my youngest drove out a few hours to a dealership to trade in my car for a more reliable one. We have purchased all of our used cars there. I actually have never been in the office before. My husband has always handled it. Anyhow, I walked in, saw a dog. I’m deathly allergic to dogs. My husband stated it’s hypoallergenic. I said, no it’s not, but I so had to go to the bathroom. I went quickly, and on my way out (it was a very short walk) my voice was already almost gone. Our car was still by the door luckily.I got inside and started all my meds: inhaler, ephedrine tabs I chewed and let sit in my mouth, Benadryl galore. My throat kept closing, I could barely focus and I had incredible muscle weakness. I finally went to do my epi-pen, but had a lot of trouble working it. I sent my husband a text he came right out and gave it to me. It took a bit before I noticed a positive difference. We almost did number 2 on the epi-pens. Looing back, we should of. If you have to question it like I did, just do it. Lol, I need to take my own advice. I had to down so much Benadryl, allergy pills, ephedrine tabs, inhaler and nebulizer treatments the rest of the day. I was able to speak the next day at least. I have finally had the ability to get back to doing normal things for me, today, and that includes this post.

I went to refill my epi-pens.You should always have 2 on you. I have stated this before but they do have a healthy rate of failure. I asked the pharmacist if I could just lean and press the epi-pen into my thigh and then press the button. I explained my muscle weakness and inability to focus. She stated it could be done that way, but it might not get deep enough into my muscle. This would cause me to not get enough ephedrine, so I would need to do my second epi-pen at that time. She said if there was ever anyone else around, to have them do it instead. I normally don’t have anyone else around who can help me, so at least I will have 2 on me at all times.

That counts 3 reactions in a week. Tough week. My body really hurts. But, I’m blessed with a great family, and I’m alive. That’s all that matters.

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