2 Recent Reactions…


I always tend to write the day of a reaction, but I’m kidding myself. Going through an anaphylactic reaction is just so rough. I have so many, and deal so well with them, that most of my family even  takes it for granted that I will be ok. This is very frustrating and hurtful for the person going through the reaction. No one should ever take anyone or anything for granted.

I had a reaction at a McDonalds on Sunday night, the 19th. My husband put the tray down on the table.  touched the handle, and there was a bunch of clear sticky stuff on the handle. I washed my hands right away, but that’s all it took. All my reactions shut my throat. This one had a weird feeling. For the rest of the night, it felt like there was a clamp straight down my trachea. Quite painful, and unnerving.

My last reaction was yesterday, It was a very slow onset reaction. These can be very dangerous. They can be more dangerous, because you end up with a delay of needed medication to stop the reaction. My mom had me get out of the car outside of a Food Lion. I normally don’t have trouble outside of our Food lion. I can’t go inside of it, but outside is normally safe. Anyhow, there was a strong food smell. I hopped back into the car, and we drove straight home. After being home for 10 minutes, I noticed my throat was definitely shutting. I started the gambit of meds, including epi-pen. I’m so tired of the pain and fear. I’m pretty strong. I can focus my way through one. I can even lower my heartbeat and blood pressure with my focus. I’ve been blessed with my strength and ability to overcome. These slow reactions are famous for rebounding. I was scared to go to sleep, but then I normally am. Every night I go to bed with my inhaler, Benadryl, ephedrine and eucalyptus oil by my bedside. I have so many reactions close together , it can happen at any time. Always be prepared.

Eucalyptus oil is wonderful for helping to open up the sinuses and airways. My son has bad allergies, so the two of us inhale it and place some under our noses every night. It’s a much healthier alternative and it does wonders.

My doctor saw me recently, and wanted me to have 4 epi-pens around me at all times. That’s if my stupid pharmacy could keep them in stock. I’m still blown away by how a pharmacy can’t keep these stocked.

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